Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

Faith Ministries was birthed soon after I became a Christian. After I finished carpentry school, I enrolled in South Florida Christian College and completed my initial Bible training with a Bachelors Degree in Theology from Carolina Christian University. I began ministering locally. The results of that ministry brought inspiration and encouragement to the Church. The call of God then led me to Africa where I discovered a great hunger for the Gospel. In 1981 Eve became my wife and as a husband and wife team, we have changed our world. Eve was an outstanding student and graduated initially from Florida Atlantic University with her Bachelors Degree in English and Education. Together we continued in higher education receiving Masters and Doctorate degrees from Life Christian University. Eve taught at various grade levels for 38 years; 16 years as Director of Life Christian University. She guided hundreds of students to reach their ministry goals, many graduating with Master or Doctorate degrees. Her greatest accomplishment has been to see so many lives elevated and souls saved through these years of dedicated service.

Together we have followed our calling, representing Jesus as Missionary Evangelists and Teachers of God’s Word. We have held campaigns in Guatemala, Haiti, Canada, England, Mexico, Romania, and Nigeria, working with local leaders. We have seen multitudes saved, lives transformed and demonstrations of Biblical miracles in our meetings. At the same time, we continued to serve the local churches, preaching about Jesus and providing food and clothing for the needy. In the early 1980s, we operated an Outreach Center in what was called Little Haiti, to meet the needs of these new Americans. We did what Jesus did, we ‘went where the people gathered’. We had access to the Detention Center where new immigrants were being held. There we were able to communicate the Love of Jesus to many different nations. 

Our vision and ministry continued to grow. We planted a local church as a result of door to door soul winning. Hundreds of young people came to Jesus. They told their friends and revival took place in our community. Bible clubs in the local High Schools reached hundreds. It was a wonderful season of ministry. Today these young people have grown and many have achieved prominent places in public work and are holding fast to their Christian faith. 

We continued to obey the Great Commission and reach the nations for Christ. With the support of Life Christian University students, we joined with Missionary Evangelists Doris and Arthur Hokett in building several churches in Ghana, West Africa. Together Eve and I have hosted international students, equipping them with Bible training and evangelistic tools to return home to share the Love of Jesus. These students impacted their communities with the Gospel message, resulting in multitudes coming to Jesus.

Our most recent international outreach has been in Mexico. In Colima and the surrounding areas and villages, we have ministered in churches and on the streets, telling of the grace of Jesus Christ. We always pray for the oppressed and sick and we have had Biblical healings of the deaf, blind and crippled. They hear and see and walk!

We are both members of the International Convention of Faith Ministries, an organization dedicated to fellowship, inspiration, and teaching, training those called to service in the Word of Faith. It has been over 40 years since these ideas were birthed.

We are rejuvenated and invigorated to complete our assignment. We are looking forward to doing Big Things for God. We know that the ‘power is in the Gospel’! Join us in faith and prayer as we reach the multitudes, expecting souls to be saved, lives changed and the Love of Jesus imparted in the hearts of hungry people.