Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

We have been in ministry since 1975. Soon after receiving Jesus as Savior we both individually began our journeys in ministry until we married in 1981. Dr. Daniel Gualtieri graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Theology from Carolina Christian College while ministering at our local church in Miami, Florida, and began his missionary work in Nigeria, West Africa. Dr. Eve Gualtieri graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelors degree in English and Education. She taught various grade levels for 27 years before becoming Director of Life Christian University, Miami Campus in 2001.

Together Dr. Dan and Dr. Eve have followed their calling as evangelists and teachers, holding campaigns in Guatemala, Haiti, Canada, England, Romania, Mexico and Nigeria. We have seen multitudes saved, lives transformed and signs and wonders in our meetings. Locally we have served by preaching in area churches, holding evangelistic meetings and outreaches to feed and clothe the needy. In the early 1980’s we operated an Outreach Center in Little Haiti to meet the needs of Haitian refugees and held services at the Krome Detention Center. After many years of itinerant preaching we planted a church as a result of door to door evangelism in our own neighborhood. We were able to touch the lives of hundreds of people through this work. After several years we turned this ministry over to a local pastor.

We have consistently worked in our local community while we have maintained overseas ministry as directed by the Holy Spirit. For many years we held campaigns in Nigeria working with a local evangelist. Often we hosted Nigerian pastors who wanted to continue their ministry education in the US.

After Romania was liberated from communism we were among the first missionaries to hold meetings there. In England we ministered in the churches and on the streets of the saving grace of Jesus. In recent years we have been holding campaigns in Colima, Mexico and the surrounding areas, from villages to large cities. We have literally seen the deaf hear and the blind see. We continue to seek to know the will of the Holy Spirit for our evangelistic outreaches.

Dr. Dan and Dr. Eve are both members of the International Convention of Faith Ministries, an organization dedicated to fellowship, inspiration and teaching; training the five fold ministry in the Word of Faith.

In 2000 we began to sense that we could be even more effective if we could impart our knowledge of ministry to others. In 2001 we partnered with Dr. Doug Wingate, President of Life Christian University, to open the Miami campus. From that small beginning of 4 students our campus has grown to be a successful, thriving campus.
Throughout these years we have been faithful to the mandate God has given us to preach the gospel in our local community as well as to the ‘uttermost parts of the world’.

Foremost in our minds is the desire to stand before God at the fulfillment of the ages and hear: ‘Well done!’

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