Are You For Real

Are You For Real?

Are You For Real?

Has anyone ever asked you that question?  Usually they want to know if you really mean what you say.  Are you kidding them?  Or did you really mean to say that?  Are you telling the truth?

So, are you for real?

You say you are a Christian, but are you for real?

We live in a world of real people, real decisions, real life.  Are you part of that real Christian life or are you a pretend Christian?  Do you respond to circumstances with faith or deception?  Because if you call yourself a Christian, but you don’t respond with faith, then all your really are, is a fake.

The Laws of the Real World

There are laws of nature that are non-reversible.

The Law of Gravity:  This law says, what goes up must come down.  If you don’t believe it that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  If you were to jump off your roof thinking you could defy the law of gravity you would discover your unbelief doesn’t change the outcome.

The Law of Seedtime and Harvest:  the law of seedtime and harvest says that every seed produces fruit of its kind.  Apple seeds produce apples, orange seeds produce oranges, etc.  You can’t plant an avocado seed and expect to get a tomato.

These laws were created by God so that the universe can flow in harmony.  The son rises in the east every morning and it sets in the west every night.  There always 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute all over the world.  The earth revolves around the sun and the earth revolves on it own axis.  Every day the same action takes place.  It is consistent and never changes.

As long as you remain in harmony and obey the laws of God they will benefit you.  You can enjoy the world God has made.  But if you defy these laws and deny them then you will suffer the consequences.


The Spiritual Laws

There are spiritual laws that are equally as important as the natural laws.

God created Adam and Eve and gave them dominion and authority.  They enjoyed all the benefits of perfect health, wealth and fellowship with God. Genesis 1:26-30

But Adam’s sin and betrayal of God’s Word left the human race out of harmony with God.  Sin separated man from God.  Sin means to miss the mark. (From the Greek word ‘harmatia’)  Humans continue to miss the mark of blessing, prosperity, love and fellowship with God because of sin.

Sickness, cancer, disease, poverty, and illicit sexual relations prevail in the world.  Broken homes, divorces, fear, fighting, anger, broken relationships, disobedience to parents, robbing, killing, and gangs are the lifestyle of those who live in sin.


God’s Love is Greater

God has made a way for us to escape this lifestyle of failure and misery.  God so loved the world that He gave… (John 3:16)

God sent Jesus to take the penalty of sin, sickness, disease, poverty.  Jesus became our substitute.  God has made a way through the Blood of Jesus for us to live the lifestyle of blessing, peace and prosperity.

When we confess (say with our mouth), and believe with our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we are saved. This is the confession of faith.  This is repentance which means to change the way you think about yourself.  You are not a loser and a defeated failure.  You have become a new creature in Christ.

You are not a loser and a defeated failure. You have become a new creature in Christ.

That is the Real You!

You say what God says about you.  You say what God’s Word says about you.  That’s the Real You.  You are changing your thinking; you are changing your confession.  You are changing your actions by agreeing with the Word of God.  You aren’t lazy any longer.  You are not undisciplined.  That’s the old you.  You are diligent, faithful, committed, blessed, healed and healthy.  That is all yours through faith in Jesus Christ.  That is the Real You.

You must make the choice to follow Him every day.  You must keep working on it.  If you fall, you get back up until you get the victory.  You practice the Word.  You have a new family, a new set of friends, a new life.  It is a great life.  It is a good life.  It is a blessed life.  It is a life of love and peace in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Br. Pierrelin Medirect - Reply

    Brother in Jesus Christ, i salute you in the mighty name Jesus Christ. Please, I would like to know if the classes this year are going stay on mondays only even for the free class that you will have on monday the 7th. thank you. my contact number is 786-389-1556. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND CONTINUE DOING MORE MIRACLES IN THIS MINISTRY.

  2. thanks for the encouragement. we are not “losers” in the Kingdom but have been “loosed” from disease, defeat, disorder, depression and the devil! i lost my burdens, my pains, my confusion because Jesus took them on the cross. PTL!

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